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Finest Sounds at Music & Media Finland seminar this week

We’re glad to be part of the Musiikki & Media / Music & Media Finland seminar, taking place in Tampere’s Solo Sokos Hotel already this week from Thursday to Friday, 4th–5th October.

On Thursday 4th October at 16.15 we will kick off our seminar sessions with the “Japan Listens!“ panel, focusing on the current historical ch-ch-ch-changes in Japan’s music industry. Moderated by Music Finland’s Riku Salomaa, the panel features Mirai Kawashima (Ward Records), Kyoko Asaka (Universal Music Japan) and Nobby Uno (Avex Entertainment Inc.) as speakers.

On Friday 5 October at 12.00 Sami Häkio from Business Finland will moderate the “Branded Japan“ panel focusing on successful brand collaboration cases, featuring panellists Kyoko Asaka (Universal Music Japan), Mirai Kawashima (Ward Records), Seiya Matsumiya (Black Cat White Cat). From 13-14.15 there will be the Finest Sounds networking session, offering the chance to meet the Japanese industry delegation face-to face.

Our seminar series will close off on Friday at 15 with the legendary Tapio Korjus from Rockadillo Records leading the talk on sub-publishing in Japan with Yasuhiro Yamada (Watanabe Music Publishing), Tommi Tuomainen (Elements Music), Nobby Uno (Avex Entertainment Inc.) and Ann Slangar (Sugarhouse Publishing).

Check the full conference programme. 

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Comments (14)
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