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Finest Sounds at Tallinn Music Week 2019

We are wrapping up Finest Sounds at Tallinn Music Week 2019. Finest Sounds program track will take place at the Creative Impact conference in Estonian Academy of Arts Friday, March 29 from 14 to 17. 

14.00 – 15.00      Finest Sounds: Japanese music market from live to sync 

Japan is the second largest music market in the world and the gateway to Asia. It’s also the most unique music market in the world. Join us at a session with high level professionals of Japanese music scene working on international scale to get an insight on the live and sync side of Japanese music market. 

15 minute presentations:

  •  “Producing international culture & music events in Japan” - Atsuko Yashima - Executive Producer, NHK Enterprises Inc
  •  “Diversity of Music business” by Junichi Harada - CEO of Visualnotes Inc, Montreux Jazz Festival Japan
  • “Sync in Japan” by Seiya Matsumiya - CEO & Music Supervisor, Black Cat White Cat Music  
Moderator: Riku Salomaa, Head of International, Music Finland


15.15 – 16.15      Finest Sounds: Publishing, pitching and sync in Japan – breaking into the co-writing and sub-publishing scene  

In this session we’ll explore why Japan could be a feasible market for composers, songwriters and producers to collaborate with. We’ll look into the success stories of some of the Finnish publishers and talk about their long-term contact building in the region. This session wouldn’t be complete without stopping at some of the unusual practises that one will face going into the Japanese copyright and publishing scene. 

Kenichi Seki - International A&R, Nichion Inc

Seiya Matsumiya - CEO & Music Supervisor, Black Cat White Cat Music

Tommi Tuomainen - CEO, Elements Music

Ann Slangar - Managing Director, Sugarhouse Publishing 

Moderator: Tapio Korjus, Founder, Rockadillo Records & Production


16.15 – 17.00      Finest Sounds final presentations

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Comments (14)
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