Finest Sounds goes to Music & Media

This year, Finest Sounds gathers a record number of Japanese delegates to Music & Media Finland (see list of delegates and full international programme here). Please see below for information on Finest Sounds seminars and networking opportunities at Music & Media Finland.

Music & Media Finland has been the leading conference for Finnish music industry professionals since its founding in 1989. The 28th Music & Media Finland will take place October 5-7, 2017 in Tampere, southern Finland.

Both for people already working in music business and related industries and for those studying to be music professionals. The event brings together representatives from the fields of recording, production and distribution, events, live shows and the media - in all, over 700 participants from 20 or so countries all looking for new partners and contacts.

Music & Media Finland has become the most important international gateway for Finnish music and a networking hotspot connecting Finnish, Nordic, Baltic and Russian professionals with the global music community.

Finest Sounds at Music & Media

Finest Sounds presents:

Keynote: Marc Wesseling (UltraSuperNew)

How to market consumer brands to Japanese millenials (Thursday 5.10. at 15.00 - 15.20)


Ever wondered how brands are being built in Japan – one of the most commercially developed markets in the world? And how does music link to that? Mark Wesseling, co-founder of UltraSuperNew, a creative agency based in Tokyo and Singapore, presents two successful marketing cases: how Heineken and Beats By Dre reached millennials in Japan.


Finest Sounds Matchmaking (Thursday 5.10. at 15.20 - 16.30)

This is your chance to meet up with music professionals from Finland, Estonia and Japan as well as brands and other companies. Pitch your product and test your ideas with experts of the Japanese music industry and brands! Sign up by September 29:


Finest Sounds presents: Folk, world and jazz music market in Japan (Thursday 5.10. at 13.30 - 14.30)

Opportunities and challenges for international non-mainstream music


Japan is a country of nearly 130 million inhabitants. Just like with other products, Japanese fans value high quality and exclusivity in music. These factors open significant opportunities for music from different genres. The panel will discuss opportunities and challenges in introducing international jazz and world music acts in Japan.


Moderator: Tapio Korjus

Panelists: Yoko Nozaki (The Music Plant), Tomoyuki Ohsawa (Office Ohsawa), Matsuo Kyohito (Min-On Concert Association), Tetsuo Murakami (Min-On Concert Association)



Finest Sounds presents: Big in Japan? (Friday 6.10. at 12.00 - 13.00)

How to break foreign artists in the world’s second biggest music market


Fan culture in Japan is beyond what we’re used to. At the same time the way music is being consumed is changing rapidly. Breaking an act often requires collaboration with brands as well as large investment in marketing. The panel of experts in music and branded entertainment discusses latest trends in music, digitalisation and brand collaborations in Japan.


Moderator: Haji Taniguchi (Merlin)

Panelists: Aya Ohi (JVC Victor Kenwood Entertainment), Takayuki Suzuki (EnterTech Accelerator / ParadeALL), Marc Wesseling (UltraSuperNew)


Finest Sounds presents: Still a Goldmine? (Friday 6.10. at 14.00-14.45)

Rock and metal in Japan


Historically, rock and metal are considered the most successful genres for Finnish music in Japan. In the last few years, consumption of international music has decreased to its record-low market share of 13% of the recorded industry in Japan. Does that trend affect rock and metal or should the industry still invest in them? With insights from recorded and live industries, this panel will give you an update on the Japanese rock and metal scene.    


Moderator: Jouni Markkanen (Grey Beard Concerts & Management)

Panelists: Aya Ohi (JVC Victor Kenwood Entertainment), Akiko Tomiyama (Marquee Inc.), Ichiro Aeno (Creativeman)



Finest Sounds students’ workshop for developing companies joint export concept ideas to Japan (Friday 6.10 at 15.00-16.30) (Invitation only: workshop aimed for FS companies, FS partners, FS students)


The core team of participants for the Saturday’s hackathon meet, share ideas and prepare for the next day’s event.




Finest Sounds Hackathon (Saturday 7.10. at 10.00-15.00)


One of the main goals of Finest Sounds is to develop and test new co-operation models between music and other sectors of creative industries. Concept ideation and development is being done in cooperation with several universities and experts. Test your cross-sectoral collaboration models for free and get feedback from Japanese experts! Sign up by September 29:


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