Finest Sounds sessions at Tallinn Music Week


TMW10! is happy to host a small selection of delegates from Japan in Finest Sounds sessions taking place during the festival.

Thursday, 5 April will kick of with a welcome dinner for the participants at Von Krahli Aed.

Friday, 6 April Students session with participants from HUMAK, TAMK & BFM will take place at Nordic Hotel Forum hall Vega.  

Saturday, 7 April two sessions will take place as part of TMW Creative Impact Conference:

14.00 Finest Sounds: Sten Saluveer in conversation with Jeff Miyahara

Jeff Miyahara is one of the world's most successful hitmakers, CEO and Creative Director of J-POP Music Group. With numerous #1 hits, over 38 million in sales, and an impressive list of awards and accolades (including Songwriter Of The Year and Hit Maker of the Year), Jeff is fast becoming widely known as a hit-maker for artists from all over the world. Local Japanophile Sten Saluveer whose background is in music, film, tech and who's lived, worked and collaborated with Asia extensively will be digging deeper in this conversation. 

Kultuurikatel / Tallinn Creative Hub, Cauldron Hall 

Connected discussion:

14.30 Beginners guide to touring Asia 

A look into a selection of markets – are some of them more accessible for indie acts from Europe and have an audience open to exploring new talent? How do build relevant relations in regions? What are the common characteristics to consider and what are the most crucial distinctions? Panelists will discuss the importance of social media and media in Asia, maintaining and growing presence in Asia, importance of music in commercials, drama series and other AV in Asia. 

Mai Thang - Programmer, Monsoon Festival

Jun Lin Yeoh - JL Productions, Rainforest World Music Festival

Alessandro Pavanello - Producer, Kanjian Music

James Matsuki - CEO, Spine Sounds Inc 

Moderator: John Willame, SmallFish Agency 

Kultuurikatel / Tallinn Creative Hub, Small Hall


15.45 Finest Sounds Mentoring Session 

Finest Sounds is Finnish-Estonian collaboration project taking a selection of artists & brands from both countries to Tokyo this May. Selection of Japanese professionals will be mentoring artists on Japanese music market.

Marc Wesseling – PR / Digital

Ryohei "Rio" Onaga – Label / AR

Tatsu Hirano – Publishing

James Matsuki – Marketing / licensing

Jeff Miyahara – Music collaborations / producing 

More info and sign up online. 

Kultuurikatel / Tallinn Creative Hub, Woodblock Hall

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