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Finest Sounds Song Camp in Tallinn

In May 2018 songwriters and producers from Estonia and Finland met their counterparts in Tokyo for a song camp hosted by Sony Music Publishing Japan. Next time top-liners, songwriters and producers from Japan, Finland and Estonia will meet in Tallinn the end of January 2019.
Song camp will take place in Downtown Studios in the centre of Tallinn from 27th to 30th of January. This time the camp will bring together 5 participants from each country to work in mixed teams of 3 for 2 days. 

Sunday, 27th of January
19.00 welcome dinner in Rotermann area

Monday, 28th of January
9.30 meet-up, briefing
10.00 work starts

Tuesday, 29th of January
10.00 work starts
18.00 listening session

Wednesday, 30th of January
9.00 Synch in Japan session

Camp participants:
Andres Kõpper, Ayumu Uchino, Bert Prikenfeld, Eva Louhivuori, Figge Boström, Hando Jaksi, Janne Hyöty, Mikko Tamminen, Naoto Okabe, Seiya Matsumiya, Stig Rästa, Teemu Javanainen, Vallo Kikas, Victor Sågfors, Yuka Niiyama

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Comments (7)
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